The University’s procedure for considering complaints is outlined under Ordinance XXXVIII (Student Complaints Procedures). A complaint is defined as: ‘the expression of a specific concern relating to matters or services provided by 鶹Ƶ that affect the quality of a student’s learning opportunities or student experience.’

Before making a complaint

Some situations you encounter as a student will not require a complaint.

The Student Advice and Support Service provide support and information about a range of matters, including finance, housing, working during your studies and international student advice.

If you have concerns about a service provided by the University

The Students’ Union can provide free and independent advice about your situation and assistance in raising your issue as well as submitting a complaint.

Students are encouraged to raise any complaint at the earliest possible opportunity and, in the first instance, with the member of staff most closely involved with the matter of concern. The aim will be to resolve the complaint quickly and informally to the satisfaction of all parties.

If the matter is not resolved, you should contact the Dean of your School or Head of the relevant support service to discuss it directly.

Formal complaints - submission and timescales

If a matter cannot be resolved informally it may be necessary to submit a formal complaint.

A formal complaint should be made in writing to the Academic Registrar at the earliest opportunity and normally within three months of the last event of concern to which it refers.

A complaint submitted more than 3 months from the last event of concern to which it refers will be deemed out of time and will not be considered, unless there is ‘good cause’ for why the complaint was not raised earlier.