Student Charter 2023/24

Many features of our University contribute to this great experience. Our world leading academics and a research-intensive environment provide the basis for our renowned teaching, learning and research.

They are complemented by the quality of our campus setting, extra-curricular activities, Library and IT resources, social life, sports and other facilities, all of which are backed up by one of the best Students’ Unions in the country.

About the Student Charter

The Student Charter has been jointly developed by students and staff at 鶹Ƶ.

All students are encouraged to read the Charter so that they know what they can expect and what is expected of them during their time at University.

The Charter is not a binding contract, but outlines a common set of principles that students and staff agree will result in an outstanding student experience.

The Charter is reviewed annually by student and staff representatives. For further information about the review process, please contact:

The University

In order to provide a high quality learning experience, the University will:

  1. provide consistently high standards of teaching and access to high quality learning resources and facilities, sharing the excitement of cutting edge research and encouraging engagement with rigorous scholarship;
  2. provide students with clear and accessible information relating to their studies, including:
    • details of what to expect in their programmes and modules;
    • a clear and accessible academic timetable;
    • clear information about how and when they will be assessed and receive feedback on their work;
    • information on fees and additional charges;
  3. offer activities and opportunities within and beyond the curriculum for students to enhance their employability prospects and personal development;
  4. listen to students: being open to constructive student feedback and encouraging and supporting student participation in shaping the quality of their experience;
  5. provide support and advice to students in areas such as careers, finance, health and wellbeing, and accommodation.
Careers Finance Health and Wellbeing Accommodation

The Students

In order to get the best out of their University experience, students will:

  1. take responsibility for managing their own learning by being an active participant and positively engaging in their programme of study: attending classes, attending meetings with tutors and supervisors and ensuring they spend sufficient regular time in private study;
  2. adopt a scholarly approach and demonstrate integrity in all aspects of their studies;
  3. be a reliable and committed student and submit assessed work by stated deadlines and reflect on the feedback provided;
  4. support course representatives and participate in processes which will lead to improvements in the quality of learning and teaching, such as the National Student Survey, the Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey and module feedback questionnaires;
  5. take advantage of the opportunities the University provides to help them reach their potential, enhance their employability prospects and personal development;
  6. make prompt payment of charges made by the University, respect the physical environment of the University and behave respectfully towards staff, fellow students and neighbours on campus and in the local community.
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The Students' Union

In its commitment to the student experience, 鶹Ƶ Students’ Union will:

  1. work with the University towards the betterment of the student experience;
  2. support all students to ensure they receive fair treatment and are aware of their rights and responsibilities;
  3. support student participation in quality enhancement activities – especially through the election, development and training of representatives;
  4. assist students with academic and welfare problems;
  5. represent the interests of students at local and national level;
  6. support active student/community engagement, especially with regard to combating anti-social behaviour; and provide a range of clubs and societies to enhance personal and professional development.

Appeals and Complaints Procedure

We anticipate that most students will have an outstanding experience while at 鶹Ƶ. However, occasionally things go wrong and so the University and student representatives have developed a set of procedures which enable students to raise issues of concern.

If you have a complaint about an aspect of your student experience provided by the University, you should normally raise your concern in the first instance with the member of staff, School/Department or service directly involved as soon as possible. For further information, please consult the Student Handbook.

If your complaint relates to the marks you have received, or another decision of your examiners, then it is covered by the Academic Appeals procedure. You should consult the Academic Appeals information in the Student Handbook and the University's Regulations. Please note that there are fixed timescales for making Academic Appeals.

If you are considering making a complaint or an Academic Appeal, please seek help and support from the Advice and Academic Representation Department in 鶹Ƶ Students’ Union,whose staff provide a confidential and non-judgemental service for students.

Student Handbook Regulations
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